How to remove red wine stains from your white couch or carpet

So you have spilled red wine on your brand new carpet or white couch… Don’t panic! It can be saved with our tried and tested method. Follow our rules below!

Rule #1: Do NOT scrub the stain!

Scrubbing the stain will only make push more red wine into the fabric.

Rule #2: Act FAST!

For best results, you don’t want the stain to dry or “set”. You also definitely don’t want to apply any heat

Rule #3: Apply a dry material that will “lift” the red wine out

Just like any liquid, red wine will move toward anything dry that it comes into contact with. The best thing would be to use a dry, powdery material such as:

Table salt, Baking soda, Sodium percarbonate a.k.a. a granulated form of hydrogen peroxide, Dry soap powder, Talcum powder, which is used for baby powder

Regardless of what you use from the above, apply it generously on the red wine stain. But remember, don’t scrub the stain. You will need to use the blotting method, even though you are cleaning up with a powdery material.

Let the salt settle for a few minutes. In many instances, this may be enough to actually remove the stain completely, especially if you acted fast enough. Otherwise, you many need to apply additional methods..

Additional Methods

After blotting the stain, pour club soda on it. Blot again. Repeat until the stain is gone. If you do not have club soda, you can prepare a cleaning solution by adding a tablespoon of hand dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of warm water. Using a white cloth, apply a small pour onto the stain. Blot it frequently until the stain disappears.

Thanks for reading!


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